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Yahoo attempted a comeback with the redesign of its homepage

Sites include . Published on February 21st, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

After 4 years of not really getting noticed, Yahoo has decided to redesign its homepage. It is not a complete redesign of the whole page but it does have some notable new features. The redesign has been extended to the mobile devices too.

On the upper left corner, just like in the previous page design, the main menu of Yahoo services still sits there. That said the carousel that used to show the news and trending articles is much wider.

If anything, the most notable feature is noticed when the user scrolls down the page. Just like other social networks like Facebook and Google Plus, Yahoo has added infinite scrolling to its page. That is probably a smart way to keep the readers attention to the page.

Another feature that is interesting is the fact that Yahoo now allows its users to customize the news. Apparently the website wants to know the taste of its users and gives them the power to remove news items that they are not interested reading. The idea is, over time, Yahoo wants to learn from its users habit and serve them news according to their interest.

The right side of the page is also customizable. It displays utilities or widgets that show things like the weather, sport news and finance. It is also on that side that featured videos and Flickr photos are shown. Again the user has the option to shut down those utilities if he wishes to.

Some people admitted they find the new page dynamic and much more personalized. The fact that the news can now be personalized increases the chances that people come back to the homepage more often. The new page is also constantly refreshing itself with new, useful information. The new page design was unveiled by the new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer on the NBC’s today show.

There has been a lot of changes occurring at Yahoo ever since the new CEO Marissa Mayer was appointed. Mayer has spent 13 years of her life with Google where she worked as an engineer and product manager. She was offered the position of CEO at Yahoo in 2012. From that point on there has been a lot of reshuffling and restructuring of the company. Under her directives, Yahoo even extended a hand to old employees that do not work for the company anymore. Mayer is definitely doing her best to revive the company that has turned out not to be as popular as the other big giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google.

As a side note it was kind of weird that Yahoo unveiled its new page redesign on NBC’s Today show considering the fact that the company already had a partnership with ABC which runs the show Good Morning America. The other fact is the ABC’s Good Morning America beats the NBC’s Today show in viewership. It has conquered the largest audience it could get since the past 7 years.

What do you think about the new Yahoo redesign? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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