Transparent smart phone may be ready earlier than you think

Sites include . Published on February 18th, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

With Polytron Technologies, it should be possible that in the near future your phone becomes so transparent that you would find it difficult to see it. A manufacturer based in Taiwan has released a prototype of this futuristic phone with the hope that one day it becomes the first transparent handset.

The material used to make this product which is still at its early stage is called Polyvision Privacy Glass. When that glass is off, nobody can see through but once it is turned on the electric current passing through makes it transparent enough for people to see through. On the Polytron website one can read a statement explaining that the glass is made of liquid crystal molecules and when electricity passes through it, the molecules line up in the way that incident light can pass through and that is why the Polyvision looks clear.

The glass itself may be transparent when switched on but the SIM card and battery are still not. So the device is not completely see-through once the battery and SIM card are inserted in.

For now the Taiwanese company has only come up with the hardware to show the possibilities. It has no operating system running on it. It is just a translucent concept design with a multi-touch display with dual sides. That said according to Polytron’s general manager, Sam Yu, the technnology is mature and all phone manufacturers are willing to work with them.

You may have thought that transparent phone may come to be in the far future. That may not be the case. How about the end of this year? At least the company Polytron hopes to be able to produced a limited edition of a fully transparent and functional smart phone by that time, according to Mobile Geeks.

Are you hoping to be one of the first to use those transparent handset? Or the idea of losing it because you can’t find it frighten you more? This type of phone is certainly not for those who don’t know how to take good care of their mobile device.

What is Polyvision Privacy Glass exactly?
Polyvision Privacy Glass was actually invented by the Company Polytronix that has been researching into it for the past 20 years. It is the most stable and advanced type of Glass that has been designed to give privacy to any user whenever he desires. The glass has already been used in several construction projects in over 68 different countries. What makes this glass stand out is its ability to turn cloudy when no electric current is passing through.

Imagine a shop with these types of Glasses. When there is the need to exposed the items inside the shop to the public, the shop attended can choose to make the glass transparent so that any potential consumer can see what is inside. Then in the evening the shop attended can turn the glass off again. This is an easy way to replace window blinds.

The technology is already in used in households so it shouldn’t be a surprise if it is now coming into phones. Very soon the phones that we’ve been seeing in science fiction movies will be available to the average person. Let’s get ready for it.

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