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A review of the Microsoft Surface Pro: should you go for it?

Sites include . Published on February 13th, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

The anticipated Microsoft Surface Pro has hit the market since the 9th February. Just after its launch the device got sold out so quickly the store run out of it. Seems the Microsoft team was not so sure about how fast the tablet/PC was going to sell but they still referred to that as a success. If you have not yet made up your mind about trying this new device, Here is a review that can help you decide. Get to have a closer look at the Surface Pro before making any decision.

Why the Surface Pro
Since the invention and success of the iPad almost every PC manufacturer has jumped into the tablet PC market trying to get its share of the cake. So far it seems it is only the Android tablet that represent a real threat to Apple’s iPad. But the market is still open and a new contender can always jump in.

This is where the Surface Pro comes in. Let’s face it, tablets are not PCs. They are portable devices that can do some work related task by relying on apps but they just can’t replace the PC itself. The Microsoft’s new device comes with an i5 processor that can actually do PC related work as well as tablet related work. It can be seen as an ultra portable laptop. For the kind of person that may need an extra lightweight PC that they can take everywhere, this is it. The new Microsoft device satisfies a nice niche that was not yet exploited. Professionals will probably enjoy using it.

What goes into the device
Surface Pro is the first tablet PC that comes with a full version of windows 8. It is slightly heavier than other tablet (2 pounds) with an Intel core i5 processor and a 4 GB RAM. It can be purchased with 2 storage options, either the 64 GB or the 128 GB. The price can seem quite expensive, $899 and $999 respectively but one should not forget that this device is actually a laptop that has taken the shape of a tablet. It can easily replace a MacBook Pro and an iPad all at the same time.

The device also comes with an extremely thin keyboard that can be attached to it and a digitizing Pen designed by Wacom.

Success potential of the device
The Surface Pro is definitely an impressive lightweight laptop/tablet that one can rely on. Even though it can run full time graphic software like Photoshop at the end of the day, a professional would still prefer his desktop or even a real laptop. The truth is when it comes to battery life the Pro is not a match to most laptops. Taking into consideration the price of $999, one would prefer to spend it on a real laptop with a better battery life. The device is much more powerful than the usual tablet but at the same time most tablets have a better battery life, therefore can be taken around more readily.

Microsoft later revealed that there could include another external battery for the device but who would want to move around with a tablet and an external battery attached to it. It seems Microsoft will still have to rethink the design and come up with something better. The Surface Pro is not a bad idea but you may not really need it.

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