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The Revolution Will Be Televised -- OUYA, the $99 gaming console, powered by Android, designed by Yves Behar, where all the games are free to try.

Why the OUYA still has a shot when faced with other high end consoles

Sites include . Published on February 10th, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

The android based console, the OUYA, has been promised to be in stores latest by June of this year. There are mixed feelings in the gaming community about how this console is going to do in the market. Some believe in a few years the console will quietly disappear like nothing happened. Others think this is the console of the future. According to the founder of the company, OUYA only has to target its niche made of android based gamers. But there is something else that people seem to forget. “THE PRICE”. This is the key reason why OUYA still has a shot in spite of what other people think.

Some may think price is not really a big issue but based on what statistics say, it is. There was a study done by the development studio 2Dboy. To test the market, the studio decided to sell its hit game, “World of Goo” at a flexible price. The idea was to allow the gamers to choose themselves the amount they were willing to spend on that game. After the test period the development studio looked at the data that was compiled. The studio came to the conclusion the $5 was the reasonable amount that encouraged the users to purchased the game but at the same time allowed the company to also make some profit.

The reality is price matters. Why would people pirate games if the price was so affordable. Gamers swap games among themselves to save money. Not everybody can afford to spend $50 on games every few weeks. Maybe working adults wouldn’t mind but some parents will get worried if their kids would often spend $50 out of their pocket money for just a game. Of course, those kids will probably rely on pirate site to get the game but this is where things get worse.

For the next generation of latest consoles coming, big companies like Microsoft and Sony are thinking of coming up with a game locking feature on the console that will only allow the official owner of the game to play it using his online account. If they succeed with that plan that is going to be goodbye for pirated games.

And this is why the OUYA has a shot. Online gaming is indeed the future. But the price is also going to play an important role in this whole process. There are thousands of games now available online and most can be played for free. Even those that are not free are cheap enough for a kid to be able to afford it out of his pocket money. The problem with high end consoles is that they just can’t afford to bring the value of their games down to $5. They just can’t beat the OUYA on that one. OUYA will be launched with approximately 200 games most of which will be free to try. Most parents wouldn’t mind spending a one time $99 having in mind that they may not need to buy any additional $50 game for their kids to enjoy.

The other powerful consoles need to watch out. The OUYA is about the shake the gaming world. The other expensive studios will probably have to readjust their pricing model.

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