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Now you can rely on Google Flight to search for your destinations by regions

Sites include . Published on February 7th, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

When searching for a flight it is a requirement that you enter your airport code which is something that most of us can’t remember. Even for those who remember the airport code, they may not necessarily get the option that will save them money.

From now on Google Flight can help save money with its new update. It allows users to search based on the destination they are trying to reach rather than just looking at what a particular airport has to offer. For example if you want a flight from Miami to Atlanta, you don’t have to go and type “Miami, Atlanta”. It is now possible to just type the destination, which is Atlanta. The Google Flight will give you the different flight options available and it is up to you to choose the one that you are more comfortable with. It is all nicely plotted on the map so you can see the different cities and the flight prices.

Of course you still have the option to narrow down your search based on the price that you can afford or the time of the day you would want to take that flight.

This new update is really going to be useful for those not too fussy about where they could spend their holidays. The search now gives a broad set of destinations so it is up to the user to make a choice.

Mind you the prices you see delivered to you are live prices. You can take advantage of them to quickly snap a promotional offer, that is if you are fast enough.

Google launched its web-based flight search tool in 2011 after acquiring ITA software in 2010 for $700 million. Google has probably noticed that the search engine Bing runs its market share with features that involves travel search and decided to make a move accordingly. ITA software is a company that is specialized in organizing airline data. They help a lot of big airline companies in analyzing their data which helps them properly price their offer in a competitive manner. ITA software also makes life easy for the potential passenger by making it easy to find and book a flight based on the price that he is comfortable with.

Just last month, it was reported that MileWise, the flight reward tracker, has updated its iOS app. This will now allow travelers to search for flights based on the amount of cash required, the credit card points, the frequent flyer miles and the hotel options available. MilesWise had made a deal with the ITA section of Google to provide it with powerful key features. This is like the second deal that will allow the search engine to provide flight fare data.

It is not yet possible to purchase a trip on Google Flights when outside Canada or U.S.. That said, a person in U.S or Canada can purchase a trip to a country outside the American continent. With this new feature a lot of Americans are probably going to take advantage of it during the spring break and the end of year holidays.

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