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Finally a search engine where you can find animated gif images

Sites include . Published on February 3rd, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

Who doesn’t love animated .Gif images. We share them on social networks like Google Plus, tumbler and twitter. We create all sorts of meme with them just for the fun of it. But there is a problem. When it comes to find the right animated .Gif for a particular situation, it turns out to be a challenge. We go online to search for them but there no real tool dedicated to helping us find those .Gifs easily. The problem has finally been solved.

What is the first thing you do when you are searching for an animated gif image? You probably think of Google right? It is not surprising most people assume that the biggest search engine can supply them with all the .Gifs they are looking for. But by visiting the search engine, you are going to realize very quickly that it is not much of a help. Google and most other search engines will only suggest to you pages that may contain the keyword that you typed. If you add the term “.gif” to the set of keywords you typed you may be lucky to get some few pages that have animated pictures but not quite the one you were looking for. This has been a problem for a very long time.

A new search engine has arrived and its name is Giphy. is a website with a very simple user interface that allows people to search for animated pictures. Just use it the same way you would use Google. For example if you go and type “Doctor Who” you would get 363 results of pictures in movement. Usually the first 9 will show but you can click on a link below that will allow the rest to also appear progressively.

The page also loads pretty fast, which is quite surprising since we are talking of .Gifs here. The trick is the animated pictures themselves don’t load immediately, they are paused. You just see the first image showing. It is only when you hover your mouse on one of them that the rest of the sequence loads up.

On the homepage of the Giphy website you will also find suggestions to other popular pictures in motion like Emma Stone and funny pictures and star wars.

The website is not perfect yet so you might see some images that are not supposed to show, based on the keyword you searched for. At least it is a start and just like Google, things will get better over time.

Just think of the possibilities you are now offered. With this new search engine you can finally find the exact .Gif that you are looking for and dedicated to a friend for his birthday wish, for example. There are a lot of hashtag games played on Google plus like #birdpoker, #caturday, #wildlifewednesday. You can now impress your Google Plus friends with the right pictures and get noticed quickly. In the process you will get to meet other people with the same interest and share more animations with each other. Giphy is very welcome in the online arena, let’s hope that it has come to stay with us and does not die off just like other websites that appear and disappear some few years later.

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