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The PlayStation 4 is likely to be unveiled on the 20th February, according to rumors

Sites include . Published on February 2nd, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

The company Sony sent out an invitation on Thursday to all the big media outlets about a big announcement that is going to be out on the 20th February. There have been sources saying that the probable topic of that day will be concerning the next generation of PlayStation. For the Wall Street Journal, they are already sure that is exactly what the topic is all about. Most journalists already have a pretty good idea of what Sony is going to talk about, the real question is how specific is the new innovation going to be like.

Sony said, those who would come to the event will see the future. The Wall Street Journal has sources that say it is all about the next generation console, coming ahead of the competing gaming console the Xbox. The Microsoft gaming console is to be released around the Holidays 2013 and it is believed that the new PlayStation console is going to make it to the retail stores during that same period. But the truth is when it comes to video games and console sales, they don’t seem to be doing well in the market right now. Starting from last year’s holidays, the gaming related devices have experience a continuous decline is sales up to now.

From the latest rumors it is believed that the new gaming console will still retain the use of an optical disc drive. The idea is to make sure that large size gaming is still possible for the consumers. There are also rumors of a change in the type of processor that is going to be used. Sony might be moving to an AMD based design instead of the Cell chip processor that was used for the PlayStation 3. The risk with that is the old games that were played on the PS3 may not be compatible with the new console. Old PlayStation fans may be turned off by the idea that they can’t play old games on the new console but that is not Sony biggest problem. The company needs to find a new way to attract the younger gamer population that are more into mobile games rather than gaming consoles.

For those who have been playing games on consoles throughout their lives, it is difficult to think there could be a way to replace TV gaming experience, particularly when Sony is promising to improve on the older version of it gaming hardware that is now 10 years old. The company is pushing the envelop when it comes to improvements in graphics, realism and performance.

But the reality in the field is that the hardware is not the most crucial element when it comes to gaming in today’s world. After Apple entered the phone industry with the iPhone a shift occurred whereby nobody really cares about what hardware is been used inside a computer or a gaming console. The most important thing from this point on is rather the user experience. Because of that, gaming today involves a much more broad category of people. It doesn’t just include those guys who can sit for hours in front of a TV with controller pad but also those who can spend hours on their mobile phones playing very simple but interesting games nonetheless.

Most hardcore gamers do not yet see the growing effect of mobile gaming on the entire industry. One needs to take note of the fact that the new generation of young gamers coming are rather spending their time on touchscreen devices that allow them to easily have access to games that they can sometime download free or charge. Those touchscreen devices are much more transportable and can be played anywhere they go. The gaming sessions for those devices are in average much shorter and that allows their users to enjoy during short break periods, which is not possible with console gaming.

The fact that the new generation has been exposed to a different type of gaming experience will result in different expectations when it comes to new devices manufactured. The new generation is not much into the latest impressive graphics that the consoles have to offer. They are not so much excited about the kind of ultra-realistic water effect the new generation of console can simulate. It seems it is only the generation that grew up with consoles that are still into it. The younger ones and the older ones prefer to spend just a few minutes on games that can be played on their touchscreen devices and don’t require too much of a thinking process. Sony will have to find a way to narrow that gap with its new console.

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