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Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them.

The Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest and GooglePlus social media report

Sites include , , , . Published on January 31st, 2013. Written by SiteTrail.

Deciding which social platforms to focus on and which ones to abandon is a tough choice for businesses today. We take a look at the facts and help website owners make a good decision for 2013, besides: an informed choice will yield results that are directly proportional.

Attributed to our own SiteTrail analysis platform and it’s ability to provide data regarding social signals aggregated from all major platforms such as Google plus, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Digg and others, we were able to measure the trends and sought feedback from several hundred companies on why trends are changing. Moreover the response of companies indicated that several platforms are still going to be in use for 2013. Focusing on the favorite choices Pinterest, Facebook and Google Plus whilst dealing with the least prominent ones by omission, here is what is trending right now and the reasons behind it:

Google Plus, Circles and Communities fighting back:

Google has a relatively simple but effective response to the new strategy of Facebook’s Graph search which is backed by it’s Bing alliance: It will favour all the content voted for with the Google+1 button and shared in it’s Circles and communities and in turn give higher rankings to such content. Preference to it’s own social signals whilst having in excess of 60% market share will sure keep the Google Stock prices up whilst rewarding those who use it’s social platform.

Pinterest – the king of user experience and returning visitors:

Due to it’s convenient infographics style of browsing and the ability to add more text which drive engagement and a better user experience, it also has business owners reporting higher conversions. We will most likely see a rapid spike in Pinterest’s own traffic going forward, as users embrace the unique style. Threats on the horizon could include bigger players such as Google and Facebook copying it’s design in the form of responsive offerings when users choose a similar layout.

Facebook for higher levels of Bing exposure and bigger volumes of traffic:

The all new Facebook Graph search will expose brands to because Mr. Zuckerberg confirmed that Facebook will effectively fill it’s blank search spaces with results from Bing/Yahoo. This in turn will be hugely important for growth – especially for those sits seeking to break away from Google’s mood of changing the rules for ranking by the hour. The fact is that users will still prefer Pinterest because it is not disruptive by displaying so many ads. The huge volume of Facebook does mean that it is still the the main driver for new traffic. Millions of visitors can stumble across a Facebook profile and end up at your website as a result.

Twitter remains mainly political and live of feeds:

Twitter could be losing the race pretty soon. We feel that the main reason it has seen growth is because of US elections and Arab spring events for which it was used as a tool. The problem with Twitter is that Pinterest and Facebook cleans the floor with it in terms of capabilities – insufficient space for Graphics and limitations in text space is what will prevent it from future growth. Furthermore, Twitter lacks a transparent advertising price structure. It could be left floating mainly because of it’s innovation in the area of feeds. Twitter feeds are still popular.

Consider Graph1 below, where Pinterest makes a strong case – it is a great trend to follow:

Now view Graph2 – where Facebook turns both brands into a traffic midget:

It will be the users who will dictate which brand is their favorite, however this will not affect web traffic to such brands instantly, given Facebook’s inertia and unique market position. Until such time people will use Google+ and Pinterest to look up each others personal details, the market position of these sites will remain difficult to improve on.

There we have it, in summary: Facebook has high traffic which it can share with websites, Twitter feeds can get a site indexed and noticed, Google will simply rank sites higher that uses it’s social platform and Pinterest will be the nice guys who don’t display much advertising and focus on user experience.

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