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Finally an app that lets you know more about your Facebook activities based on your profile

Sites include . Published on January 27th, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

Did you know how many of your Facebook friends are married? How about how many of your friends lives closest to the North Pole? May be you want to know about the person who connects you to more people on Facebook. Having spent a lot of time on Facebook you might think you really know what is going on until you try the app from the computerized engine Wolfram Alpha.

The company Wolfram Alpha has an analytic tool that enables it to point to you certain interesting things about the data on your Facebook profile that you might not otherwise know. With this app you get a visual report giving you interesting statistics about your profile and other friends activities.

The app first highlights basic things like the number of friends with the same name you know, the number of friends you have in each different countries around the world and also the people with whom you share more friends. The app also looks at your past year activities, telling you how many status updates you posted, how many pictures you uploaded and how many likes you got.

Again because you get a pictorial display of the report it makes it very easy to navigate through it. For example, friends are displayed on a color coded map based on the kind of relationship you have with them, like school mates, work colleagues or acquaintances. From there the report takes an in depth analysis by further grouping your friends into 5 key categories and they are: the social connectors, the social insiders, social neighbors, social outsiders and social gateways.

People you have a lot of common friends with are the social insiders, like the people you went to school with. In contrast social outsiders are the people you don’t have many friends with or barely know but they happen to be on your friend’s list. As for the social gateway, it is somebody that knows a lot of other friends that you might know while the social neighbor is somebody that has the same friends that you have without too much difference. A social connector is a friend connected to many other friends that you might want to know. It is quite interesting to see how your friends are classified based on the relationship you have with them.

The company recently added a new feature called word cloud. With that feature you can get to know which words you have often used on your wall posts. With these new features added to the app a lot of users got really excited about it and started downloading it. It got to the point where it became difficult to load the app because of the many users that were on it. The company said it is working on solving the problem.

Wolfram Alpha is a company founded on May 18, 2009 with the goal of making knowledge computable. If you are interested in knowing more about your Facebook account, go to their website at www.wolframalpha.com and type “Facebook report” in the search box provided. Have fun.

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  1. This app is great and I can see why it has drawn the attention of readers, however awareness of privacy when it get’s to apps need to be be promoted more. Wolframalpha might want to take that into consideration for future innovation too. A comparisson of the next months release should be interesting. A video recording solution for iPhones that can instantly upload to youtube would be a great solution.

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