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A new feature is currently rolling out on Pinterest: the news feature

Sites include . Published on January 27th, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

The website Pinterest has recently come up with a new feature that has been referred to as the “News”. It acts in a way similar to the Facebook activity feed or the Google Plus stream. The feed has been designed to display a board where the links that you have pinned are repinned by other users. That way the content that has attracted a lot of pins can be read by interested users. The repinned links can be seen on other user’s profile as well as yours.

With respect to this new feature Pinterest wrote a blog post explaining that the new tool has been designed to help users find new interesting content. They added that they believe with this new tool, web enthusiasts can find more relevant boards and pins with ease.

The roll out started on the 16th January and has gradually become available to some users of the social website. As for now, nobody really knows when the new tool can be used by all the members. On the blog post Pinterest mentioned it should be fully in operation by the next few weeks.

There are 2 ways users can access the “News”. On the Pinterest homepage, they can see a preview of it on the left-hand column. The other way is to visit any user’s profile and click on the button “News”. The button is found on the left side of the “Follower” count.

The “News” option can also be found on the mobile app but for now it seems it is not as functional as the web counterpart. The feed only shows repins just like it used to before the introduction of the new feature. So users can’t see the related board yet and their profile don’t show any “News” button yet.

There is a way Pinterest enthusiasts can track “likes” and new “followers” just like in the old activity feed. They can set it up on the notification settings and they will be receiving emails about that.

Pinterest is another social website that started in March 2010. It is used like an online pinboard where people share the stuff that they find interesting on the net. The goal of the website is to help people with the same interest come together. As the members of the website share their links they also discover other users with similar taste and they can start following each other. Pinterest fans can create and manage theme based photos and collections. On their virtual pinboard they can include events, hobbies which can be seen by other users.

With the Pin button, Pinterest has made it quite easy for it users to pin almost anything online. There are browser extensions and also scripts that can be installed on any website. Anything that can be pinned shows up on the activity feed of the Pinterest user and those with the same taste can re-pin it over again. In just 2 years the website has quickly won the heart of many internet users and is now ranking 35 on Alexa. That is pretty impressive for a new website.

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