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Yahoo desperately trying to get his old employees back

Sites include . Published on January 25th, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

For the past few months Yahoo recruiting team has been trying to get in touch with its old key employees to renegotiate a new deal that could convince them to come back. They have been sending official welcome kits containing information about how much Yahoo has changed since Marissa Mayer was made CEO. They made it clear in the package that they are willing to talk about the big opportunities coming ahead.

On his twitter account, one of the previous Head of Product at Yahoo, Tom Coates shared the picture of that welcome invitation kit and admitted he did not expect anything like that on his mail box. Yahoo recruiting service is now trying to bring back ex-VPs, PMs and other low-level engineers to work again for the company. Based on the comments Tom Coates has been receiving on this twitter account, nobody seems to be interested in coming back to work for Yahoo.

One of the recipients of those welcome kits, passed on the opportunity that was given to him saying that from what he has been hearing, Yahoo literally cannot buy people. He continues saying he had not idea how many of those welcome kits were sent but he knows a few previous key players at Yahoo have been targeted. It seems through that, technique they have been able to bring back one former employee.

At this point it makes sense that Yahoo is pretty much relying on much more aggressive means of bringing back talent into the company. The fact is trying to get in touch with Silicon Valley’s talented workers through emails or phone calls doesn’t really work. There have also been rumors that the Yahoo’s M&A has been stalling for months now. This is probably due to the the mismanagement going on inside the company. The Yahoo Answers for Mobile is probably the latest product that has suffered from this offer-rejection dilemma. One source familiar with the case said it is no secret that Yahoo, at this point is not capable to making any deal.

So whatever technique one can use to get offers in front of people is a good technique.

To make the offer look even better it would have been a good idea if the Yahoo recruiting service enlisted a high ranking executive, like the CEO herself. That way the potential employee might have taken the offer a bit more seriously. At least this is how Yahoo managed to acquire the startup company Stamped, by directly involving the CEO into the deal. Stamped is the company that built an Iphone app that allows people to record and share their recommendations about things they like.

The new Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer has also managed to bring on board her former colleague Henrique De Castro. He is now the COO. One has to admit that the deal was a really lucrative one. A deal of $56 + million, who would say no to such an offer.

Over the years, Yahoo has been going through some difficulties to keep its online reputation. Other companies like Google and Facebook seem to be doing much better. Let’s hope that with the new management team on board, things get better.

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