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Apple designs and creates iPod and iTunes, Mac laptop and desktop computers, the OS X operating system, and the revolutionary iPhone and iPad.

Apple to release 3 new iPhones throughout 2013

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Could this be a stock tip? That Apple is planning on releasing new iPhones throughout the year?

The road to victory has been challenging for Apple this year – as more competitors including Google and Amazon zoomed in on Apple’s market, not to mention Samsung and other competitors. Given the Windows 8 experience which commenced at the same time, there was indeed concerns over Apple’s ability to survive the onslaught.

A look at a typical website which is based in the US, with a mix of traffic from a variety of countries would explain that Apple has actually survived quite well and not everyone would agree that it’s stock is in a bubble, although some would advocate just that. Below is a google analytics graph which would indicate just how strong apple’s market share is amongst mobile browsers:

The combined volume for Apple iPad and iPhone is clearly still dwarfing Samsung – hence the only possible factor in favor of Samsung, it’s closest competitor in the mobile market, is how strong the Asian market will keep supporting it.

Now Apple does not seem to take that for granted as clearly a lot of hard work and innovation – as well as a contentious court battle has contributed to it’s current position. Apple will now work on releasing more mobiles in an attempt to secure it’s position in the mobile market, besides: If Google, Amazon and Microsoft squeezes Apple too hard in the tablet market – mobile could indeed be a safe refuge for it’s investors.

So far the information available indicates that Apple will go up in size – from it’s current 4 inch to a 4.8 inch mobile. A bit of gossip also indicates that it may be called the “iPhone Math” – sounds like a tool with more functionality at this early stage, as it will have at least 12 mega pixels on it’s camera.

A bigger new iPad release will have developers working around the clock to adjust responsive design for websites – as well as App developers who’d like to have an exact match for all screen displays.

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