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Mega upload’s Kim Dotcom is back again

Sites include . Published on January 19th, 2013. Written by SiteTrail.

Exactly a year after Kim Dotcom’s mansion in New Zealand was raided unlawfully following what can only be described as incompetent local police bowing to the FBI, Kim Dotcom is back online again with a massive PR drive to resume his life and his business again. It is claimed that his previous website alone used to claim up to 4% of the worlds total internet traffic at one stage, which is indeed an impressive chunk of the worlds traffic.

The privacy company – encryption on file sharing:

What makes his new business, “MEGA”, different to Mega Upload, is the fact that users data is now encrypted, and carries the slogan “the privacy company” in an attempt to secure users files. To get an idea of what the service looks like, the closest competitor to describe it could be “DropBox” – but Mega will have mobile access, office style functions and spreadhseets and an array of new things to make cloud storage services possible.

With governments around the world encroaching on individual freedoms – especially internet freedom, DotCom seems to have introduced a service which can protect users from both copyright infringement as well as governments snooping around to read users files. Each file will have a unique encryption and decryption key, without which the data is inaccessible. Knowingly enabling users to share copyrighted material will no longer be the case, since the company will have no knowledge as to which users are sharing files, given that the company itself cannot access the data – as each user will have a unique encryption key for it’s files that it shares with other users it chooses to share with.

Users from around the world will no doubt watch with great interest to see what will happen to Kim Dotcom in future, weather New Zealand will cave into US pressure, or uphold their own laws. No doubt Kim would have received significant publicity to help him get back on track. Readers are reminded that others like Aaron Swartz who stood for the same principles were less fortunate than Mr. Dotcom.

KimDotCom & Mega is back, let’s see if they are here to stay – It was stated by Kim’s solicitor: “If anyone thinks they are going to descend on this country, take Kim Dotcom and his family, rip them out of their house, deprive them of their money and property, lock them up, then they have made a grave mistake”


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