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Lindedin Answer discontinued: the Quora-like service ceases 31st January

Sites include . Published on January 18th, 2013. Written by Loic Cobbina.

Have you ever heard of Linkedin Answers? Many people use Linkedin but they are probably not aware of the fact that the website was also offering a Question and Answer service. Linkedin, the popularly known business oriented social network, has decided to discontinue the Question & Answer service that was launched in 2007. The discontinuation will be effective on the 31st January. Linkedin Answers was a knowledge market service just like Quora. It seems the service was driving a fairly limited engagement. Most Linkedin users didn’t even know of its existence.

It was on Thursday that the Linkedin users received an email letting them know about the decision the company has made. A Linkedin representative sent an email to all users basically saying that by the 31st January, the Linkedin Answers will be retired. The rep added that Linkedin intends to invest more of its resources into developing new and better ways to share so that the website can be a platform where engaging professional topics can be discussed. In the meantime, other Linkedin popular channels like the Groups, Status updates and Polls can be used to pose questions and encourage professional discussions.

Linkedin Answers was started on the 4th January 2007 with the purpose of allowing its users to ask questions to their network and engage in interesting discussions. You could enter a question and select the members of a network that you think have the answer for it. Once provided with answers, you could now choose the one that has been more useful to you as the best and the person who provided that answer will then carry more weight when answering future question.

This announcement comes a few months after Facebook also decided to shut down it Question product last October 2012. The Facebook Question product was launched in 2011 after several testing and the hope was that it will be able to compete with Yahoo Answers. It included poll-like answers, long form answers and had also links displayed in relation to the answer that was asked.

Like Facebook, Linkedin Answers was never able to replace Quora, another leading Questions and Answers website that started in 2009. Quora has become really popular and as of last July it recorded a monthly traffic of 1.5 million visitors. It is even looking to expand it frontiers to areas not directly related to Q&A. Last month Quora added Linkedin connectivity feature that enabled its users to share their contributions on Quora directly to their Linkedin Profile.

Linkedin, by offering a platform for professionals to connect, has created many job opportunities for proactive people. Those who spent their time answering questions could get better rankings for the answers. By getting better rankings they could establish themselves as an authority in the field. So once you are recognized as an authority it is much easier to get a company that is willing to work with you. For sure that people who enjoyed using the Linkedin Answers for a better ranking will miss it.

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