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Facebook’s new graph search – Severe limitations

Sites include . Published on January 16th, 2013. Written by SiteTrail.

In this day and age, are there any of us who still understand the difference between Friend and Acquaintance? It is not uncommon to find people who have 1000+ friends on facebook, of which they really know 100 and may have met another 200 in person. Now that is not to say that many people have 1000 friends on facebook, but indeed nearer the 100 to 180 mark.

Facebook’s search facility has not exactly matched rivals Google, Bing and Yahoo – in fact at this point in time neither of them would probably consider it competition. They are indeed wary of Facebook though and that is because it has such a large subscriber base, meaning that if and when it does invest in revolutionizing it’s own search facility – it would be easy enough to convert already loyal users to searchers.

Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that the new Facebook Graph search facility is revolutionary and amazing is indeed taken with a pinch of salt, and here is why: It only enables a user to search data of those friends who already permitted them to access such data. So not only is this facility limited to friends, but also those friends with a very specific setting towards your profile. Now if Facebook Graph was to extend it’s capabilities towards users who are not our friends – now that would be a game changer.

The CEO of Facebook made reference to making society “more open” – which would indeed appeal to the connected generation especially at this time when Aaron Swartz, an advocate for open society have died in what is purported as a suicide. Indeed the Mr. Zuckerberg has chosen a fine moment to make a subliminal emotional appeal to fans of an open society.

As for Facebook Search: There are essentially still two missing links: INVESTMENT + INNOVATION. For now at least investors may benefit from more advertising sales as a result of Graph Search.

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