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Imgur is used to share photos with social networks and online communities, and has the funniest pictures from all over the Internet.

From Reddit to a Bootstrap Crunchie: Imgur Now Serving 3.6 Billion Page Views a Month

Sites include , . Published on January 13th, 2013. Written by Anthony West.

Web 2.0 has now given way to a richer more dynamic internet and the anchor for this vanguard are images. It’s no surprise that Instagram rose from obscurity to domain photon sharing almost overnight, attracting a billion dollar buyout in the process. Make no mistake about it, rich media is the new internet and capitalizing on this is the newest (well, not so new) image hosting website

The photo sharing and image hosting site started out as a simple idea, communicated via a Reddit post. Alan Schaaf had simple idea—to create an image hosting service that would make the process of uploading and sharing your photos simple and fun. In 2009 in a Reddit post Schaaf summed it up like this via Reddit: I want to create an image hosting service that doesn’t suck.” Classic Reddit parlance of course but out of that frankness he got to work and from his dorm room he launched imgur. Today the site is an image hosting powerhouse and it has done all that without much outside help—i.e. VC funding.

Bootstrap award

To prove how innovative and determined Schaaf and his partner Matt Strader have been, the pair along with the rest of the team at imgur was given an award last year for being the Best Bootstrap company at the annual Crunchies—an awards program designed for tech entrepreneurs. The award pretty much signaled the arrival and success of imgur and the company has the numbers to prove it.

Since the award last year the number of pageviews and unique visitors to imgur has exploded. Today there are a whopping 255 million visits to the site each month and last month imgur has a whopping 3.6 billion pageviews. 56 million visits to the site each month are unique visitors and engagement is also very high. On average each user spends more than 11:30 on the site and is responsible for more than 14 pageviews.

Reddit driving growth

Imgur has more than just its early beginnings attributable to Reddit because toady the site is responsible for more than 40% of the traffic driven to imgur. The reason is simple, Redditors love them some imgur and the whole internet meme culture has grown out of the incessant need to store gif images on a platform that serves them up quickly and without too much lag. Imgur does that well and so every time a Redditor has something interesting to share he or she invariably hosts that image on imgur.

The aim long term is stay true to the early support of Redditors and other shares whilst finding new and innovative ways to increase revenue. After all, image hosting costs money and bandwidth as we all know can cost a fortune on that scale. Schaaf and his team plans to do more of what drove revenues up last year like running an image campaign for the popular move ‘The Dictator’. There aren’t any plans to move away from the bootstrap association though and there are no VC funders lined up ready to throw cash at imgur.

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