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Digg is Alive: The Social News Website Now Has 10 Million Emails on File

Sites include . Published on January 12th, 2013. Written by Anthony West.

It’s not exactly a miracle but the fact that in January 2013 there’s news that Digg as a web entity is alive and kicking could be classed in some way as a small miracle—a really small one. The site has you know has undergone a lot of changes in the last few years, a few of which have not been very positive.

Digg went from being a social media mainstay to a site struggling to keep users engaged. Its main competitors by type I suppose has been Reddit and Stumbleupon and of the two, only Reddit has managed to retain much of its luster. The problem then seems to have been a general disaffection with social news; people it seems have now taken to their smartphones on the back of Facebook and Twitter to do their sharing there.

But this doesn’t mean of course that social news sharing on platforms like Digg is dead—quite the contrary. In August of 2012 the website changed hands and from the get-go there was talk about breathing fresh life into the struggling platform. It seemed to have work because the latest numbers coming out of the Digg camp is that the numbers are spiking upwards—in pretty much every department.

Betworks does its magic

When Betaworks bought Digg back in August last year the push to redesign the site and the cerate a fresh experience was made quite clear. Now Betaworks is reporting that since the redesign over 3 million people have visited the site. But that’s not all, the company is reporting a doubling of registered members along with massive growth in its email database. Betaworks says that more than 10 million people have opted into its funnel; this should give the company a good platform to begin its monetization efforts which are also being undertaken in earnest.

Digg’s GM Jake Levine is keen to stress however that the email product is embryonic. “Once we get that product up and running, it will be an important part of these efforts. We have — along with the site, the apps, and the large Twitter and Facebook accounts — just over 10 million email addresses. These are people who signed up for Digg in the last few years,” said Levine recently in an interview with Techcrunch.com.

Apps the new mandate

Digg has had a resurgence thanks in large part to its app development for the various platforms. Since picking up Digg in August the site has developed dedicated apps for the iPhone, iPad as well as Android. The plan on a wider monetization scale is to create a dedicated section on the site for app developers to promote their wares. Given the tremendous value in app promotion and the inherently techy persuasion of Digg’s readers, this strategy will no doubt work.

In all this though it perhaps helps to zero in on the fact that Digg’s users never really went anywhere. Once you starting digging stuff you always dig stuff. The platform merely failed to evolve fast enough to keep users engaged. The new impetus should remedy that and although Digg has lost significant ground relative to its competitors, it should find its feet again. After all, what is the web without news?

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