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Momentum Finally: Windows App Store Increasing By 415 New Apps a Day

Sites include . Published on December 30th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

The success of Microsoft’s latest project, Windows 8 can be measured across many metrics, the most important of course being sales. But sales will be driven by several smaller metrics, ones that will show how the OS and its accompanying ecosystem are growing. Indeed one can say Android and iOS have been successful on the back of a wide array of developers willing to try their luck on building something for either platform. This fact isn’t lost on Microsoft who along with the unveiling of Windows 8, unleashed its own Apps store.

According to tracking website MetroScore Scanner, the Windows 8 apps store now has over 35,000 applications inside it—14,000 of which have been added in the last 35 days. The growth in applications is being tied to slow but increasing sales of Windows 8 as well as the decision of developers to give the platform a go.

The importance of apps to Microsoft

There’s a good reason Microsoft has been hosting hackathons around the world in a bid to develop apps for Windows 8—they are bloody important. Apple’s iTunes store has over 700,000 applications inside its repository and Google’s Android store isn’t far behind. A huge apps ecosystem is synonymous with a healthy host and in this context we are talking about the mobile OS.

If Microsoft was relying of desktops and notebooks to stay relevant in the coming years then apps wouldn’t be much of a problem. However, Windows 8 is exclusively a mobile pivot and Microsoft has even sacrificed the loyalty of existing Windows users for the sake of this dream to be a part of mobile computing in the coming years. This is obvious from the way windows 8 and the new Metro design works.

A steady hand

At the moment more than 22,000 of the 35K apps in the Windows store are available in the U.S. market, an important metric for sure. But Microsoft will need to grow deeper and wider if it is to compete with the likes of Apple. The software giant can do this by first increasing the number of daily applications that come into ecosystem. Thankfully this seems to be the trend for back in November Windows 8 store was only seeing 362 news additions each day. The steady rise to 415 presently will no doubt continue and even at this pace, the Windows store could easily surpass the 50,000 app mark by February next year.

Ballmer and the crew need to realize also that the competition is constantly evolving and Google especially is stepping up its game. The launch of Google’s Nexus series of mobile devices has been a major disruptor in the space and so Microsoft will need to get Windows Phone 8 and the Surface Tablet selling fast if it is to keep up.

Still, 35,000+ apps is not a bad start for an OS that is barely 3 months old so Microsoft has that at least to be happy about.

Do you think Windows 8 was a mistake by Microsoft? Share your thoughts below.

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