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Combat tournament: Play a fighting game

Sites include . Published on December 1st, 2012. Written by Loic Cobbina.

When it comes to popular fighting games, the names that might come to your mind are “Street Fighter”, “King of fighters”, “Mortal Kombat” or even “Tekken”. Even in the flash game arena, the old versions of those same games have been emulated to be played online.


But there are other fighting games not so popular that are as fun to play if not better. One of those games is “Combat tournament”. A free online fighting game full of thrills and breath cutting moves. You may not even believe this was possible in flash game. For those who like fighting online, this is the game you need to play.

The game is fun but very basic when it comes to the design. You are dealing with stick men. They may differentiate in color or slight differences in the shape of the head or arms but they are basically the same. That explains why the game is so easy to load. Just some few seconds is more than enough. There are 3 fighting characters you can choose from to fight.

The fighters
Homerun bat: A stick-man with a cap. He is colored in green with a powerful bat that he maneuvers in various ways to beat his opponents.
Mr Slaptactic: Very funny red character that relies on heavy slaps to fight. He has this big hands that clearly administered pains with slaps. He can be noticed with his head covered with a bandanna.
Double Range: This character represents some sort of yellow ninja with 2 sharp swords he has on his back. He performs astonishing sword moves; he swiftly slashes through his opponents like a professional ninja does.

Once you choose your character you can now try the tutorial mode. That is where you learn the moves. This is where it start getting really interesting. The game has a lot of moves, very impressive moves. Yet the game is so easy to play. Just by pressing some few buttons you will be amazed at the kind of moves your character can perform.

Once you’ve learned some few moves you can choose to start the real game. It is a fighting game so there are no real adventures but you can move from stage to stage encountering other opponents to fight. Some stages have only one opponent that you have to kill. Some other stages have 2 or 3 opponents that you have to fight all at the same time.

The fighting arena is really widely spaced. The distance between one end to the other is quite wide, making it impossible for the whole arena to fit on the screen. This is more than enough space for all the fighters to jump and run around and this adds to the excitement of the game. A punch can throw one fighter from one end to the other. Also 2 separate fights can go on in one end and another one in the other end.

Graphically speaking the game designers did not rely on cutting edge technology. This is not flash at its best. That said it is probably ok to leave it that way because the purpose of the game is real fluid action. Focusing too much on the quality of the image could also slow down the speed at which the fighters are moving. So the developers probably chose the right middle.

There are also not many colors involved in the game, mainly 3 or 4, red, black blue and yellow. Just enough color for the players to distinguish among themselves. Player are stick shaped so just one color is enough.

When it comes to the music, it is hot. Some hot rock is playing throughout the game. Each stage has its own music. The kind of music that puts you in the mood for action. This music combines with the amazing combat moves played in the game is perfect.

The sound quality is also very good. The punches and kicks sound just like in the movies. The sound of bats, slaps and swords are real enough. This all adds to the pleasure of the game.

The game control is so easy to use too. I have not come across a fighting game that is that easy to play. Basically most of the astonishing moves are performed just with the combination of the A key and the arrow keys. Just by pressing A and any other direction arrow key, you will be amazed with the types of combos that come out. It is so fun that a 5 year old kid can quickly play it without having to memorize any cheat or code.

Very addicting game for all ages. Those who like fighting games but don’t want to try it for fear of having to memorize too many codes, this is for you. Those who love action games but don’t want to press to many buttons, this is for you. Enjoy it.

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