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Cyber Monday Delight: Over 90% of Shoppers Enjoy Their Shopping Experience

Sites include . Published on November 19th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Once the bustle of summer passes, and the autumnal chill creeps in, people in the Western world do one thing very well and that is ‘shop.’ Indeed shopping has become the number one pastime in the consumer culture that has driven Western economies for the last 20 years…and, we’ve all gotten better at it. Thanks in large part to the fact that we can now do it on the go, on the toilet, with one hand, with one finger—you name it; thanks to gadgetry, mobility and connectivity people in the western world are now the ‘masters’ of all things shopping.

As it with anything pastime-related, there’s a measure of satisfaction that comes with partaking, right? And thanks to this satisfaction retailers are now able to calendar your yearly shopping habits and in some cases, even predict what you are going to buy—even when you don’t have the money. Black Friday, Cyber Monday; it’s all part of the mechanized and predictable shopping behavior of people and new research is shedding some light onto how much people in the West actually enjoy splashing their cash.

Spreading the shopping love

Retailers will be happy to hear that 90% of people enjoy their online shopping experience, especially when it hits peak points like Cyber Monday. According to data compiled by Qualtrics, a data and analysis firm, the majority of people in the U.S. who do some sort of shopping online throughout the year are quite stoked about the specific holiday shopping days (Cyber Monday, Black Friday et al.)

But it’s not just online retailers who get to bask in the happiness of shoppers; Qualtrics found that among the 1,100 people surveyed for the study, 56% are inclined to supplement their Cyber Monday shopping with a leisurely stroll to a brick-and-mortar store. These people feel that it would be remiss of them not to capitalize on the huge deals to be had on Black Friday.

Qualtrics Chief Marketing Officer Danielle Wanderer believes that marketers and retailers have got the Black Friday planning down to a science: “American marketers have done a masterful job at crafting the traditional kick-off of holiday shopping into an event most shoppers revere. There’s no other single day of the year when American shoppers drop their mouse and head to their favorite brick-and-mortar retailer.”

Lots of money up for grabs this year

The American economy has been sluggish for the last few years and although the job numbers don’t make for good reading, consumers look ready to make 2012 a shopping bonanza. Two-thirds of those surveyed for the study said they’d be spending at least $600 on gifts this year; another 14% have bigger spending aspirations and said they’d spend at least $1,000. All told, holiday shopping this year is expected to push past the $586 billion mark.

In real terms that figure represents a significant shot in the arm of the American economy and should translate into gains for other economies tied into it.

Do you plan to spend a lot this year? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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