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Shahram Seyedin-Noor, Co-founder & CEO Of GraphDive, Discusses the Value of Facebook Connect, Big Data Analytics + Personalization

Sites include . Published on November 15th, 2012. Written by GraphDive.

What does the 2012 Holiday Season hold “in store” for online commerce sites?

We all hope to eat a slice of a tasty pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving, but even more enticing is a slice of the $68.4 billion in online retail sales that Forrester projects for 2012. We believe that online commerce is experiencing a tectonic shift that businesses are only now becoming aware of, and that shift centers around ‘social’ data. The winners this season, and next, will increasingly be those businesses ready to take advantage of the new opportunity.

Can Facebook Connect turn piles of social media data into profit?

The value of social is simple: insights, context and personalization. Before you can sell to your users, you have to really understand who they are. Facebook data – which is accessible to commerce/media sites through Facebook Connect – is a game changer. But the data are big, hard to decipher, and often “noisy”. That’s where GraphDive’s user insights and personalization tools can provide an edge.

How does GraphDive help e-commerce, media and travel companies engage their customers and boost revenues?

One of the key problems that retailers face is the “cold start”: how do you serve your users if you have no prior purchase history on them? GraphDive solves this problem. We provide two products: macro insights on your Facebook Connected users, and micro personalization tools for targeting those users.

Whether it’s learning about macro trends among your users – like common interests or demographic characteristics – or tailoring your product or content recommendations for each individual user, GraphDive provides an end-to-end suite of products that empower online vendors.
What sets GraphDive apart from other Big Data analytics companies?
First, we’re laser-focused on social data and its potential and promise for transforming different verticals like commerce, media and travel. Second, our key innovation is our patent-pending “inference” engine that deduces user interests and demographics – including undeclared information – from a user’s social profile. These inferences are sometimes even more powerful than explicit information found on a user’s profile and provide businesses with the complete 360 view of each user they need to succeed.

What is GraphDive doing for the holidays?

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, our holidays will be busy delivering the next version of our product to meet the incredible customer demand we’ve seen in the last month and a half since our invite-only launch. In other words, we’ll be graph diving! But we’ll also make plenty of time for pumpkin pie. One of our engineers (a PhD in data mining) loves to bake, so I’m saving my appetite!

Shahram Seyedin-Noor is an expert on the intersection of “big data” and social media marketing. He is the Co-Founder/CEO of GraphDive, a data analytics startup focused on delivering profitable insights to businesses from social media activity. For more information, visit

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