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The top 5 websites according to Alexa’s ranking

Sites include , , , , . Published on November 4th, 2012. Written by Manasa.

Have you given a thought about the websites that you frequently visit? The top most web sites and their SEO (search engine optimization) and traffic ratings will leave you astonished.

Alexa is the most popular site metrics provider provides you with accurate site metrics of your favorite website’s traffic. Alexa covers over 125 countries and ranks nearly 30 million websites through out the world. Many companies depend on alexa’s certified site metrics for making smart business decisions.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 websites on alexa’s top 500 sites on the web. For those of you taking a wild guess on who’s topping on the alexa’s chart, its you guessed it right, it none other than our very own Google which stands at first place in the global top 500 sites list on alexa.

Let’s dig deep into each website’s metrics and find out what makes these websites stand out in the crowd.

#1 Google

Google Inc. is an American company which allows users to search the internet for information related to products and services. What began as a research prject in 1996 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University is today the most successful search engine on the web. Google believes in organizing the world’s information such that it is accessible from every nuke and corner of the world.

Unlike other conventional search engines that ranked results by considering the number of search terms displayed on the web page, Google developed a new theory called PageRank that relates the search information retrieved from a website to the number of pages and significance of those retrieved pages that makes a connection back to the original website. Google’s original home page in 1998 had a simple design as shown below.

Google was originally called “BackRub” since the theory it was built on was based on system checking on the backlinks to determine the significance of a site. The Name “Google” originated from an incorrect spelling of the word “googol” or 1 followed by 100 zeroes which was chosen to intend that search program is built to serve the people with large amounts of data.

As Google grew in popularity, the company has ventured into numerous acquisitions, partnerships and products. Google data center infrastructure includes over one million servers worldwide catering to over one billion search requests and about twenty four petabytes of user-generated data every day.

#2 Facebook

Facebook needs no introduction. As we all know, facebook is a social networking website and second most popular website after Google on alexa’s top 500 websites.

Facebook started as a college project by Mark Zuckerberg in Harvard University. The site was officially launched in February 2004. The While Mark was in his second year at the University he built a software program known as Facemash that enabled the students to vote on their friend’s pictures. Though the idea did not work, it definitely became a stepping stone for his next project “Facebook”.

Users wanting to access facebook application must register to use the site. Once the registration is complete, users are enabled to create a personalized profile and add friends, send and receive messages. Users are allowed to join communities and groups and classify friends into such groups.

Facebook has more than one billion active users as of Sep, 2012.

#3 Youtube

Youtube is the third most popular website on Youtube allows video-sharing through which users can upload, watch and share videos. The website was developed by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim former employees from PayPal in 2005. The technology used by youtube to display a wide range of video content such as music videos, TV soaps, movie clips and home made videos.

The first video on YouTube was “Me at Zoo” featuring Jawed Karim shot at San Diego Zoo. The video is still active and accessible on the YouTube website. In 2009, Youtube announced that users can now upload and share 3D videos with the ability to view the videos using cyan/red lens to achieve the 3D effect.

#4 Yahoo is ranked number 4 on alexa’s top 500 websites. Yahoo! is an internet corporation providing features like web portal, search engine, email, news, finance, directory and video sharing. The company was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in 1994. Yahoo is among one of the most popular websites in the US with approximately 700 million users accessing Yahoo websites every month.

The products and services of yahoo include storing personal information and tracking usage, commerce, content, mobile services, Yahoo!Next, Yahoo!BOSS, Yahoo!Connect, Yahoo!Meme, Yahoo!Axis etc.

The first logo of yahoo was red and had three images on each side but in May 2009, the logo was redesigned to purple with no black shadow or outline.

#5 is a Search engine in China developed by Robin Li and was incorporated in 2000. Baidu has made stunning revenue of $711 million in Q$ 2011. The solid financial results were revealed by Li and the figures definitely made sure that Baidu exceeded Wall Street’s expectation.

The services offered by the Chinese company include a search engine (in Chinese), Audio files, games, map, News, Patent search, images and multimedia content such as MP3 music and movies. Baidu takes the credit for being the first company in China to provide Wireless Application Protocol and personal digital assistant (PDA) based mobile search.

Most of the revenue of Baidu comes from online marketing services. Baidu’s most successful service pay for placement (P4P) platform allows its customers to contact users interested in their products and services. Besides, Baidu also offers keyword suggestions which helps improve clickthrough rates and also increase the possibility that a user will enter into an online transaction with the customer.

The major competitors of Baidu include Google Hong  Kong, Yahoo!China, Microsoft’s Bing and NetEase’s Youdao. Baidu is also believed to be in talking terms with facebook for leading a Chinese version of social network. It is evident that Baidu is all set to now conquer the world of social networking on the internet.

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