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The concepts of both Buzz marketing and Viral marketing are relatively new trends. Those who are forward thinking realize that mastering these techniques early, if combined with real value delivered to the end user, will yield incredible results both short term and long term, perhaps leading to more than just a few new millionaires – but also to the swift delivery of great ideas instantaneously.

Q: What is Buzz or Viral marketing?

A: It is the process of inventing a great idea or product and the spreading of the idea in such a way that the information spreads in an uncontrollable manner to the masses. It is not a “get rich quick” scheme for concepts that without value, as the masses will generally pass on great concepts to each other.

It is precisely due to the massive exponential jumps in traffic and interest in concepts that go viral that there are also companies who ride the wave of buzz and viral marketing by offering these services at unimaginably high prices. Clearly if the press outlets associated directly with Obama, Bloomberg, Coca Cola, Walmart and others simultaneously endorse an idea and the whole world starts talking about it: at that point the stakes are huge and high prices are demanded by those engineering these ideas.

Notice to website owners:

Considering a Buzz or viral campaign? Please ensure that your hosting provider can handle large numbers of additional traffic. Many websites who succeed at buzz marketing go offline during periods of unprecedented high numbers of visitors.

The good news for marketers:

Similar results can be obtained at a fraction of the cost. Using smart but ethical techniques can really give great results for a low budget.

The potential cost of outsourcing Buzz marketing? A little research will reveal a lot: here is an example of one company who infer to a possible starting fee of $100 000 to initiate a buzz marketing campaign:

Sample buzz marketing service provider on the web

Essentially what we see here is a genius marketing agency making reference to 6 maxims used for creating a buzz, coupled with mentions of the success examples of, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Gmail and E-bay. Large organizations with an appropriate budget and a marketing division who ran out of ideas may wish to spend $100 000, you can visit

There are those who realize that the only missing link to help them achieve the same results is an idea or a technique by form of blueprint.

The buzz marketing guide is that missing link!

The buzz marketing guide can help marketers replicate similar or better results. It is a shortcut to distinction that can help you become a concept leader in any particular field. Here is what the guide will help you master:

LEARN The starting point is to create interest through real value

DRIVE unprecedented numbers of targeted traffic to a website

SKIP the learning curve and jump straight into the mainstream

TRICKS & TIPS for Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Google Plus

DISCOVER where the masses are congregated and how to lead them

GROW exponentially: Mastermind the process, outsource the ground work

Download your buzz and viral marketing guide today for only $39

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  1. I got mine and experimented with it straight away. The results on the first day was good but average, on day 3 it exploded: I learned that a webmaster from a fitness blog, healthynewage, retweeted my offer on their fitness blog and that was it: We sold 8 consultations that day, totaling $900.

    As a fitness trainer I do not envisage becoming a millionaire, however I learned the most affordable marketing strategy to date which gives me really high revenue. Viral marketing I guess gives me an unfair advantage as far as others are concerned – it works well!

  2. After reading the guide I went back and added the links of some of our old linkwheels to the same system and it worked like a charm. Those who get the guide should remember that this can revive old content too, in fact that should be the starting place. It has changed my approach to internet marketing completely.

    It is true though that you have to market a great concept in order for it to have viral capacity.
    Our business is laser whitening – so obviously it’s something that is in demand and people benefit from it.


  1. isHow to engage the Masses on Twitter – Buzz marketing online

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