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Google’s Stock Price Soars Past the $700 Mark

Sites include . Published on September 19th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

The search giant has had success in the past with a $700+ share price, but the last time Google did that was December 2007. Back then the stock shot to $714.

5 years later and Google is once again dancing with a hefty share price, having opened at a dead $700 a share recently and then tipping above that later on during the day. Google joins an elite club of heavy hitters which includes the Warren Buffet led Berkshire Hathaway, Priceline and NVR Inc.

The new mark couldn’t have come a better time though; Apple is forging ahead with a stock price of $680 per share and the company currently has a larger market cap than Google. By edging away in terms of share price, Google can show investors that despite Apple’s larger share pool, Google is still the best game in town for delivering value-efficiency.

It is also unlikely that this new growth spurt in the Google stock is last we’ll see in the coming months. Android’s domination of the mobile market means that the search giant is poised to rake in more cash from advertising as well as sales from its own mobile device offerings in the marketplace.

Timing is everything as they say, and Google it seems, knows how to do things at the right time.

Do you think Google’s share price will hit the $1,000 mark before Apple’s? Share your prediction below.

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