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Google’s Android Now Getting 1.3 Million Activations Daily

Sites include . Published on September 17th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

To say that the march of Google’s mobile OS has been relentless would be a great understatement. Since gaining traction among consumers, Android-powered devices have been dominating the marketplace—crushing some of the competition along the way.

Google’s Eric Schmidt revealed at a recent Motorola event in New York that Android is now seeing over 1.3 million new device activations daily. Only about 70,000 of those activations are on tablets, but even so, 1.3 million daily activations is a giant of a number.

Thanks to the rapid adaption among smartphone and tablet makers, Android now has a whopping 53% of the smartphone market. The closest competitor that Android has is Apple, and its share is only 33% of the market. There are over 480 million Android devices in total and with so many activations each day, it’s really only a matter of time before the half billion mark is surpassed.

Android success is really the coupe that Google needed to go head to head with Apple and the fact that things have turned out this well for the search giant is remarkable indeed. Competitors like Apple will have to work hard to close the gap. Perhaps a move to make iOS available to other manufactures may one day play a hand in the battle for mobile supremacy.

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