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Steve Jobs’ Home Gets Robbed For $60,000

Sites include . Published on August 31st, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

The home of deceased and former head of Apple, Steve Jobs was broken into and computers and equipment totaling $60,000 stolen. The theft which is easily sacrilege in the eyes of Apple fans took place on the 17th of July, but wasn’t made public until recently.

The thief, 35-year old Almeda-based Kariem McFarlin, by all accounts didn’t know the house was that of the former Apple head and was only arrested after he tried to sell some of the items locally. The police tracked him down and made the arrest, though it isn’t clear if any of the item stolen personally belonged to Jobs.

Police believe that the thief saw the house as an opportune target due to the construction fencing that surrounded it. This apparently made the house less secure.

Apple fans who hold Steve Jobs as an icon and legend will no doubt rejoice in the capture. As for McFarlin, well, he’ll have to deal the boys on the inside. Though he might end up being a bit of a celebrity burglar behind bars.

Not many burglars are able to say that the reason they got ‘sent down’ was for breaking into the home of someone famous.

Apple’s fortunes remain on course in the absence of Jobs and with the launch of the iPhone 5 upcoming; the stock will no doubt experience another bump in growth.

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