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Google Acquires Frommers for $25 Million

Sites include , . Published on August 30th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Google+ Local does everything travel sites do but is lacking in one very important area—no reviews. Google looks set to remedy this with its acquisition of Frommers, one of the webs (and prints) biggest players in travel advice.

The deal which is believed to be around $25 million isn’t a massive splash by Google’s regular buying standards but it is clear based on the shortcomings of Google+ Local that substance is what’s needed. And if substance can be had for $25 million, then why not?

Of course no-one is certain whether Google will indeed make Frommers travel reviews a part of the Google+ Local experience. After all, no official line has been taken. What people are using to anchor their expectation is the past experience of Zagat Survey. Back in 2011, Google acquired Zagat which surveys customer reviews of restaurants etc. and immediately integrated those reviews in the search results of Google Maps. The idea is that the same will happen when the deal to acquire Frommers is complete.

Google+ has seen some stagnation in growth and engagement but this latest acquisition and those completed last year looks to be part of an overall plan to make the struggling social network relevant again. If Google+ becomes a one-stop platform for socializing and everything else, there’s no reason users won’t flock to it.

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