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Fashion Startup Polyvore Hits 17 Million Monthly Unique Visitors

Sites include . Published on August 27th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Fashion and glamor startups are taking the spotlight at the moment and more and more players seem to be entering the space. We’ve written extensively about Fab.com; now another player in the form of Polyvore is on the radar.

Polyvore is a fashion-focused outfit that lets people create collages of apparel and accessories from images hosted on its website. The company is now seeing a whopping 17 million monthly uniques and that has spurred so much growth inside the company that its now relocated from Silicon valley to New York.

The company now has 40 employees and the move to New York is believed to be an important part of the growth-vision of its CEO and executive team. The welcome mat was rolled out by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg no less: By opening an office here, Polyvore is joining the growing group of tech companies who recognize that the benefits of being in New York City are irresistible, regardless of where a startup began.”

The platform seems to be capitalizing on the ‘Pinterest effect’ and its executive believes that moving to the fashion capital of the US is a solid move towards even more growth.

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one. If the growth of Fab.com is anything to go by, Polyvore has bright things ahead of it.

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