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Google Chrome Now Has 33% Global Market Share

Sites include , . Published on August 22nd, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Truth be told, Google Chrome is becoming a resource hog that doesn’t play very well with Flash, but this hasn’t stopped the browser from pummeling the competition.

Users it seem can tolerate both those shortcomings if it means not putting up with the shortcomings of Internet Explorer and Firefox. Chrome now commands a whopping 33% of the market—a lead it has grown over IE since the early weeks of May.

The only possible drawback to the new figures is that they are being released by Statcounter and none of the big three browser makers give it too much credence. Still, a big chunk of people who follow the browser battles rely on the Statcounter data and so we can take it on faith, I suppose.

The latest set of data gives Chrome the edge but Internet Explorer is still hovering closely behind with a 32% market share. Firefox on the other hand is losing ground and currently has around 23.7% of the market. In a lowly fourth place is Apple’s Safari with 7.1% of the browser market.

It’s apparent from these latest figures that Chrome isn’t slowing down in terms of growth. The only thing perhaps that could give IE the edge again is the release of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

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