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Twitter Surpasses 500 Million Users

Sites include . Published on August 19th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Several months ago Twitter’s CEO, Costolo announced that the ‘mission’ was to have every single human being on the planet using Twitter. No-one of course takes Costolo seriously on that but Twitter has been quietly growing its numbers. Although nothing on the world-conquering scale of Costolo’s ambition, Twitter surpassed the 500 million user mark in June 2012.

According to analyst keeping watch on the micro-blogging giant, Twitter stood at 517 million users at the end of June with 140 million of those users hailing from the US. Twitter’s biggest growth spurt is outside the US and unsurprisingly engagement outside the US is also better and ‘bigger’.

Based on the sampling of 1.058 billion tweets, the firm tracking the numbers found that the top 3 cities for tweets are Jakarta, Tokyo and London. It seems too that this upsurge in activity abroad has been the opposite of growth stateside. Twitter saw a modest decline in overall growth in the US and the 28.1% recorded in January 2012 is now 27.4%.

Twitter’s growth strategy will be a sticky one if it can’t increase engagement in the US where most of its advertisers are. The overall engagement levels may be growing in the rest of the world but only North American users are in tune with shopping at the insane levels desired by advertisers.

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