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Opera Hits 200 Million Active Mobile Users

Sites include . Published on August 18th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

In the realm of mobile browsing, no other browser does it as good as Opera. Its mobile incarnation dubbed ‘Opera Mini’ is now so popular that it is now being used by over 200 million monthly users. That landmark was surpassed back in June 2012 and marked a 47% jump from figures reported last year.

The 200 million active user mark is a double component. On what Opera calls Opera Mini for feature phones, the total number of users is about 183 million active users. Opera mini for smartphones makes up the remainder with 17 million active users.

Opera is rumored to be an acquisition target for Facebook and so the huge jump in numbers will be seen as good news and no doubt add fuel to the speculation. With Facebook’s own user base interacting with the site on mobile devices, an acquisition like Opera could help it manage its display real estate better and facilitate more ads in a less obtrusive way.

But that’s just the rumor. For now it seems Opera is forging ahead in growing its user base and is also reporting strong growth among African users. 36 countries have increased their Opera usage and Libya is one of the top countries that has seen a rise in use.

The Facebook interest and Opera’s own growth story should make for interesting news in the coming months.

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