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Eventbrite Hits 20 Million Users

Sites include . Published on August 17th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Last time we covered Eventbrite we looked at how the online ticket sales company had planned to use the fresh injection of capital it had received. That injection is barley 5 months old but already the company is starting to see improvements in its numbers.

Having updated the platform with new features such as a new recommendation system, Eventbrite is now reporting an increase in overall engagement and recommendations.

According to the latest figures, the company is now making recommendations for a whopping 20 million of its users. This has created the positive spinoff effect of increasing ticket sales. On average over 60 recommendations are made to each user across event categories that total more than 42.

Another big reason Eventbrite has been growing is its skilled use of email marketing. The majority of its recommendations are pushed through this channel and based on events users attend; it is able to build up a profile for future recommendations. The company is reporting a 50% open rate which is really high in today’s world of eCommerce and email marketing. Clearly the guys over there at Eventbrite know what they are doing.

Since launch the company has sold more than 67 million tickets and that number is expected to rise. Throw in the total $80 million in funding and one can expect nothing but fireworks from Eventbrite in the coming months.

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