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PowerInbox Hits 1 Million Email Views

Sites include . Published on August 11th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Email management platform Powerinbox is moving up in the world. Initially launched with limited support for third-party applications on Facebook, Twitter and the like, Powerinbox has now expanded to the point where over 50 email apps can now be run in your inbox.

The expansion has brought unprecedented levels of use to Powerinbox and the platform is announcing 1 million email views. Since launch Powerinbox has fielded over 200 app requests from users and new additions like Wikipedia and Tumblr has helped to broaden the scope of offerings and reach of Powerinbox.

Twitter enjoys the greatest level of use among Powerinbox users and many enjoy the fact that they can interact with Twitter directly from inside their Gmail account. Facebook and other social networks are getting massive interaction from Powerinbox users too and there has been a reported 80% increase in engagement since the full scale roll out of new features.

The sky is obviously the limit for the Powerinbox suite of tools, many users are now connected in different ways on different platforms and Powerinbox offers a way to centralize engagement and interaction. The fact that email clients have opened their APIs to platforms like Powerinbox is great news for the rest of us.

The platform is of course 100% free and is available for download at their site.

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