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98% Of American Adults Don’t Trust Online Information

Sites include . Published on August 9th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Trust is the one currency on the web that is hard to earn and easy to lose. And with Americans being the undisputed kings of shopping and spending, businesses might be a bit unsettled with news that 98% of Americans don’t trust online information.

According to the study conducted by, most Americans don’t trust the info the find on the web because there are just too many ads. A whopping 59% of Americans cited their distrust for this reason, while 56% cited their distrust because of the presence of outdated information that they come across.

53% of respondents found the online information they find too promotional and 45% don’t like the information they find in forums unfamiliar to them. No surprise there. But to make things worse, 94% of Americans are fearful that the info the find online and used will be used against them—in other words, they are fearful that bad things will happen to them.

Viruses are a big concern among American surfers and many are concerned that too much information will bog them down and waste their time. 9% of Americans dislike the info on the web because they fear it will cause them to lose their spouse. That last point a very real one with sites like Facebook being cited so often in divorces in the US.

All in all, businesses and other pushers of information can take heart in the fact that despite this distrust, Americans spend billions a year online on information and physical goods. They also use the web quite liberally for knowledge and Wikipedia is still most used by people in the US.

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