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91% Of Teachers Have Access To Computers

Sites include . Published on August 9th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

With all this talk about American schools being outperformed by schools in other countries, it sort of helps to put things in perspective, especially as it relates to resources available to American schools and teachers.

New data by Open Colleges, an online course provider based over in Australia is claiming that US teachers for the most part are better off than most countries. 91% of teachers in US classrooms have access to a computer. This widespread access to technology has led to a fresh embrace of computers and 81% of teachers believe that iPads enrich learning.

The students aren’t doing too badly either. One in five has used a mobile app to keep coursework organized and six in 10 have used digital textbooks. This flood of technology has of course had a positive effect on learning. Test scores have increased by 91.5% when digital games have been introduced into the learning process.

The higher up you go on the teaching ladder, the picture changes slightly. Professors considered the keepers of teaching heritage are not so keen on the wholesale embrace of technology but 89% of them use social media for coursework.

America is still the richest nation on the land, and the center of growth for technology. Education will certainly benefit from these set of circumstances.

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