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Justin Bieber Hits 25 Million Twitter Followers

Sites include . Published on August 4th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Lady Gaga has been dominating Twitter with her so-called ‘monsters’ but it looks like Justin Bieber is a new pretender to the throne. The boy wonder now has 25 million followers—only 2 million shy of Gaga.

Bieber is so popular on Twitter that last week Twitter employees packed their cafeteria and did a dance and sing-along to his hit song, “Baby”.

The popularity of Bieber and Gaga is really not a story of luck and popularity but one of engagement. Both are very active on Twitter and fans get perhaps the closest level of interaction they can get with their idols. Gaga’s engagement goes as far as the personalization of her following. Her ‘monsters’ as they are called have taken on the name and have used it to fuel and justify their sometimes fanatic adherence to all things Gaga.

Justin Bieber has done much of what Gaga has done but Gaga had a head start. It’s not hard to imagine that in another year or so, he’ll overtake the eclectic Gaga and stand atop the Twitter throne.

In a much larger sense Bieber and Gaga are massive stars because of social media and not in spite of it. Television plays a massive part but today’s generation of pop-followers don’t watch the TV that much; if musicians and the like want to stay relevant these days they have to be on social media.

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