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trailers Domain Name Sold For $13,000

Sites include , . Published on July 31st, 2012. Written by Daniel Renfro. is an extremely well known and successful domain name selling business site on the Internet. They are frequently being recognized for their notable domain name sales. This week is no different, however the sales seemed to be down somewhat this week since the top domain name was only sold for $15,000. The top domain name this week was which sold for $15,000, much lower than Sedo’s usual top domain name sales for the week. The 2nd highest sale was which sold for $12,000. In 3rd place for the highest domain name sale through Sedo this week, was the domain name which sold for $10,090.

Despite there not being a lot of big sales Sedo still reached the $1.4 million total sales mark this week so there must have been a lot of smaller domain name sales in order to still reach this high of a total sales.

Domain name Price Currency
.COMs 13000 USD 12000 USD 10090 EUR 10000 USD 9500 USD 8500 EUR 8000 EUR 7500 EUR 7140 USD 6500 USD 6000 USD 6000 USD 5000 USD 4000 USD 3850 USD 3750 USD 3500 EUR 3500 USD 3300 EUR 3200 USD 3000 USD 3000 EUR 3000 USD 3000 USD 2800 EUR 2800 EUR 2500 EUR 2500 USD 2500 USD 2500 USD 2500 USD 2500 USD 2400 USD 2299 EUR 2250 USD 2250 USD 2250 USD 2200 USD 2100 USD 2050 EUR 2000 USD 2000 GBP 2000 USD 2000 EUR 2000 USD 2000 EUR 2000 USD 2000 USD

It is obvious from the above list that Sedo is very successful and though they  are always being noted for their big sales, they are also affordable for individuals and smaller companies as well. It was their smaller priced domain names this week that got them to the $1.4 million mark.

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