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trailers Acquires Scriptlance and Hits 4 Million Users

Sites include , . Published on July 29th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

It looks like there is some consolidation taking place in the micro-working space and the latest move by to acquire Scriptlance is ample proof that micro-working is big business.

The deal makes for interesting analysis, not least because Freelancer was the smaller outfit. Before the acquisition there were 360,000 enterprise and professional users who called Freelancer home. Scriptlance on the other hand was the world’s fifth largest marketplace of its kind. With this addition to Freelancer there are an estimated 4 million users that will now call Freelancer home.

Why the much bigger Scriptlance sold out to Freelancer is anyone’s guess, though is part of a much bigger conglomerate. The people who own the network also operate sites in Germany, Sweden, UK and Australia. Perhaps Freelancer is more of a cash-rich enterprise.

Whatever the case, the millions of users that were registered with Scriptlance will be transferred over to Freelancer. User shouldn’t worry too much about getting paid either because the $43 million paid over to freelancers under the Scriptlance will no doubt be added to by its new owner.

The only concern for workers in this sense is whether compensation for work carried out will suffer with the decreased number of micro-working websites under independent ownership. Only time will tell.

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