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Waze Hits 20 Million Users

Sites include . Published on July 22nd, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Social navigation is a term only the online revolution could have spawned, but whatever you think of the growing trend, it is here to stay and Waze is one of the companies that is looking to ensure its longevity.

Based out of Israel, the company offers a neat social platform for social interaction whilst driving and so far it’s proved popular with users. The company announced recently that there are now more than 20 million users on its platform, half of which were added in the last six months. In June, the company added a whopping 1.8 million users and so far over 3.2 billion miles has been racked up by all the people who use the service.

The company has managed to raise over $67 million since starting back in 2008 and by the looks of things this money has been put to good use. Waze unveiled a nifty feature recently that lets users see real-time fuel prices and this new feature along all others are well integrated into the platform’s mobile apps. Users with iPhones can just wave their hands to activate the voice recognition features that tap into traffic conditions and this has proved a big hit.

But with all this good news surrounding user growth and engagement, some are questioning whether the company can survive the competition. Apple has built in native applications on its iOS6 platform and Android already provides much of the Waze functionality through Google dominance of Maps. Only time will tell.

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