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Google Brought $80 Billion To U.S. Economy In 2011

Sites include . Published on July 19th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

To say that Google is a cash cow is perhaps understating the money making power of the search giant and its overall importance is quite pronounced—at least in the overall scheme of things. The company conducted some research into its overall contribution to the US economy and it turns out that Google chipped in over $80 billion to the US economy in 2011.

This tremendous return was directly attributed to the 1.8 million advertisers, website publishers and non-profits who tapped Google’s huge network of traffic over the course of the year. Overall over 140,000 businesses participated in Google’s AdWords and AdSense programs and Google gave away $28.9 million worth of free advertising to non-profits.

The company also took the opportunity to profile successful advertisers using its AdWords platform. Joelle Obsatz claimed a 10% increase in profits as a result of Google AdWords and projections for her catering company, Butterfield Market and Catering, is quite solid for 2012.

Google is also ensuring more businesses advertise using its platform by traveling the country offering free advertising and websites who want to bring their business to the web. The impact of Google on the US economy cannot be understated and gone are the days when manufactures kept the might US economy together. Google’s dominance is proof that tech services are just as potent and profitable as any other form of business.

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