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LinkedIn Is Being Sued For $5 Million Over The Exposed Passwords

Sites include . Published on July 8th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

LinkedIn’s user base isn’t your typical online user; most earn above $100,000 a year and occupy middle to senior level of management. These are the sort of people that can’t afford to have their accounts compromised so the recent breach suffered by LinkedIn when passwords were exposed is now proving more problematic than first expected.

Linkedin Earnings ReportIt turns Katie Szpyrka, a LinkedIn user from Illinois, is now looking for some answers from LinkedIn and she doesn’t want anything verbal—she wants that response in cash; $5 million to be exact. According to the lawsuit filed, LinkedIn wasn’t up front with its 160 million users and was in what she calls, “in clear contradiction of accepted industry standards for database security.”

Whether the suit will be successful is anyone’s guess. LinkedIn asserts that no member account has been breached as a result of the hacking and such no party can claim “injury”. If the suit is going to fly it would need to prove at least that; and given the fact that the claim is for $5 million, Szpyrka would need to show some sort of financial/ material loss.

Welcome to social media LinkedIn, perhaps now you’ll realize that although the platform has only 160 million users; their value to hackers is worth around $1 billion.

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