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999.com Domain Name $450,000

Sites include , . Published on July 7th, 2012. Written by Daniel Renfro.

Many times there are domain names that are sold and the meaning is not known or the name is unfamiliar. Some of these domain names are in a different language, many of them being in Chinese. It is not just English domain names or English speaking countries that are top business people in the domain name field. Domain names are an international thing on the internet and therefore they apply to many different countries, places, and people.

Below is a list of Chinese domain names. This is a report from Domain Journal that lists 4.cn’s top sales recently. Their sales total was over $1.9 million and there were only 15 sales! Needless to say 4.cn is very successful right now and experiencing a very nice revenue for only a handful of sales compared to what other domain name selling companies have to sell on a weekly basis to reach the same price.

Here is the list of domain names that sold with their English translations and prices next to them:

999.com (more than $450,000)

65.com (more than $150,000)

60.com ($310,000)

Bohe.com (“mint” in Chinese)   (more than $150,000)

MeiMei.com (“beautiful girl” in Chinese)    ($102,089)

BeiBei.com (“baby” in Chinese)  (more than $75,000)

SouSou.com (“search” in Chinese)  (more than $75,000)

Xingzuo.com (“constellation” in Chinese)  ($74,000)

Sudi.com (“Express delivery” in Chinese) ($52,000)

925.com ( “925″ in Chinese, just seeing if you are paying attention)  ($47,589)

Shiliu.com ( “pomegranate” in Chinese)  ($45,547)

Naicha.com (“milk tea” in Chinese)  (more than $30,000)

Nvzhuang.com (“Womens Dress” in Chinese) (more than $30,000)

9i.com (more than $30,000)

209.com (more than $30,000)

Domain names can be pretty expensive, costing some companies 6 figure amounts, while others are more affordable and cost only a couple hundred dollars. However despite the cost, the domain name would eventually pay for itself if the company has a successful and growing business.

No matter the country, place, person, business, etc domain names are a successful and wise business investment.

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