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Bing Is Comprised Of 300 Petabytes Of Data

Sites include , . Published on June 27th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Microsoft seems to have finally been able to make Bing a credible alternative and worthy competitor to Google’s search engine and thanks to new insights we are seeing how big of a search engine Bing really is.

According to, Bing is comprised of 300 petabytes of data. In hard core computing terms that amounts to 2.4*10^18 bits—a figure which only the truly ‘numbered’ can really appreciate.

Most of us just fire up Bing and do a search but the new figures gives some insight into just how Bing operates—the sort of secret sauce of its algorithm if you will. Neowin sums it up thus: “it goes to show that creating a search engine, is not an easy task.” The total quantity of data is hardly the full game – once you collect the damn data you have to make sense of it, and then serve results in the flick of an eyelid.”

The other interesting bit of news coming out of the Neowin report is that Bing is running on a program called Windows Server 2012. If you haven’t seen it in the shops it’s because it hasn’t been released yet, nor is it 100% ready. Microsoft as usual keeps the goodies under wraps and then unleashes it on unsuspecting competitors. Though with this report, many won’t be surprised when Windows Server 2012 does hit the shops.

All in all, Bing seems to be doing well and with Microsoft’s handling Yahoo search results, Google should finally get a run for its money. We’ll see.

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