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51% Of Dailymotion To Sell For $90 Million

Sites include . Published on June 26th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Dailymotion never really caught on the way YouTube did and although the video sharing site has its own pool of loyal users, it has struggled in recent years to keep pace with the fast-movers in its class. Little surprise then that last year 49% of the company was sold to French Telecoms company, Orange, for $77.8 million.

Now Orange is looking to put on a permanent and complete stamp of ownership on Dailymotion with a bid to buy the remaining 51% of the company for $90 million. The deal would close as early as January 2013 and would in effect mean the sale of a once-promising video sharing site for $167.8 million. Not at all what video sharing sites are expected to go for these days.

When the deal does close however, Orange will have a lot to build on, and perhaps the new ownership and direction might bring greater fortunes to Dailymotion. Presently the video sharing site handles around 1.8 billion video views per month and sees over 135 million unique visitors. Where the site fell was in its ability to scale its platform and give it ubiquity. User friendliness perhaps was one of the reasons it didn’t take off quite like YouTube; for one thing it is infinitely easier to embed a YouTube video as opposed to one from Dailymotion.

Still, Orange is experienced in handling companies so the future for Dailymotion looks bright.

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