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Instagram Now Adding 5 Million Users Per Week

Sites include . Published on June 24th, 2012. Written by Daniel Renfro.

There are many young, hip companies on the world wide web that are growing rapidly with the prevalence of technology in this age. They offer services of convenience and efficiency for their users and many are taking advantage of these services. One such company is Instagram. This is a photo sharing application that smart phone users and other online devices are using to edit and share their pictures with their friends and family on their social media sites. Facebook bought this application for $1 million and this price is definitely paying off since the instagram app has really taken off and is becoming very successful. According to a recent report, Instagram is now adding users at a rate of 5 million per week! This is HUGE growth for such a young company, but it is not that surprising since people are always sharing photos through social media sites such as Facebook.

This Instagram app just recently took off in the current year 2012 with only 15 million users. In April they had 30 million users at the start of the month, and by April 13th they had reached 40 million users. A lot of its users are through the iPhone but there are also many Android users as well.

Here is some more info about Instagram’s 50 millionth user:

“And who is Instagram user number 50 million? According to Gramfeed, it’s a user named fox289. All we know about the user is drawn from his or her profile picture: an FC Barcelona soccer shirt. Just how many accounts are like fox289 — with no photos posted, no users followed — is something Facebook will be very interested in.”

It will be interesting to see how this app continues to grow over the course of this year alone since they have come so far in just a few month’s time.

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