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Fab.com Now Has 4.5 Million Members

Sites include . Published on June 9th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

When you launch a flash sales website and amass 4.5 million members in a year all sort of adjectives can come to the lips of a CEO. And this is precisely what has happened to Fab.com CEO, Jason Goldberg. Speaking on stage at the NYC Disrupt event put on by TechCrunch, Goldberg highlighted some of the reasons behind the sites massive success. Speaking of the 4.5 million members, Goldberg said, “That’s not an e-commerce site, that’s a movement.”

Fab as you may know from our previous coverage is a flash sales website that is geared towards gay men. In just 12 months the site has added a massive number of members and revenues of also grown to match, thanks in large part to the conversion strategies laid out by Goldberg and his crew.

The site has evolved many times in its short life and recently underwent a redesign. Goldberg was quick to point out that Fab’s new look is more in keeping with the underlying philosophy behind the site—‘design’. Said Goldberg, “From day one, we never said Fab is a flash sale site. We said Fab is design.”

Members seem to like Fab’s new look too and the site is adding more and more users every day. Fab.com is also keen on working with Pinterest (another internet sensation); although Goldberg had to admit that he doesn’t really use Pinterest (much).

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