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87% Of iPhone 4S Users Use Siri At Least Once Per Month

Sites include . Published on June 8th, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Siri is now officially a hit with iPhone users. Thanks of course to television ads featuring Samuel L. Jackson and a few others.

A recent infographic from shed some light on the growing popularity of the speech recognition app. More than 87% of iPhone users launch and use the app at least once per month. I should add 4S after iPhone because only people that own that particular device are able to tap into the helpful tips and advice offered by the almost-lovable Siri.

I say almost-lovable because many people are complaining that the app doesn’t recognize their voice. It seems Siri has a bias (built-in) for American, British and Canadian accents. One Scottish user reported that Siri keeps messing up his commands. He asks for a Google search, Siri phones his wife.

Users in other parts of the world are complaining too. It seems speaking English is not enough to get Siri to do what you want her to do. Accents aside though, those who are able to get Siri to comply seem to love her. 55% of users say they are happy with Siri and most use her routinely to make phone calls, search the internet and send text messages.

No doubt Siri will get better at recognizing accents from other parts of the world—the next iPhone will make certain of that. For now though, iPhone 4S users seem to be having all the fun.

Do you use Siri? Watch the video below to see just how helpful she can be:

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