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Kickstarter Bug Exposes 70,000 Unlaunched Projects

Sites include . Published on June 2nd, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Imagine unleashing 70,000 of your most treasured projects onto the public without them being fully tested and ready for public consumption; this scenario can’t be good for any company. Yet this is precisely what happened to popular crowd funding website recently.

Apparently a bug caused the unintentional exposure of over 70,000 unlaunched projects at the weekend. The company says that the hole was quickly plugged and no more than 48 of the programs were accessed.

And what did the somewhat lucky members of the public access? Well, there were no credit card data, but a few people were able to see when the project is due launch as well as some images and videos connected to each of the 48 programs.

Kickstarter was very quick to calm fears and released a blog post explaining what had happened: “Obviously our users’ data is incredibly important to us. Even though limited information was made accessible through this bug, it is completely unacceptable. We want to underline once again that zero account or financial information was at any time made accessible by this bug.”

The crowd funded platform has so far managed to raise over $200 million from 2 million backers and so this little glitch won’t do much to dampen spirits. If anything, it will show many of the 2 million backers that their money is actually being spent on something.

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