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Google Fined $25,000 By FCC

Sites include . Published on May 2nd, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Google is no stranger to controversy and regulatory fines so I can’t imagine the search giant quaking in its boots over the latest proposed fine to come its way. Google apparently (whoops, I meant allegedly) impeded federal investigations back in 2010 when the US government attempted to look into its gathering of data for Google Maps.

Now the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is proposing that a fine of $25,000 be levied against the search giant. This is peanuts of course and we must remember that Google is worth at least $100 billion; such a paltry fine is nothing to scare Page and the boys over at Google.

But the fine would perhaps in principle setup Google for trouble down the road. Google Maps and other Google services rely on the collection of private data in order to function and if investigators find its data-gathering practices unsound, it could really upset the overall balance of how Google does things.

It could also make users (people like you and me) question Google’s data-gathering practices; this attention could severely impact the growth of Google’s flagship product right now—Google+. Privacy is a massive issue now and Google needs to play its card well and ‘right’ if it’s going to keep ahead of its competitors.

Perhaps Google should cut the $25,000 check and forget out it.

What say you? Is the FCC fine too light for Google? Let us know below.

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