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Ning Discovered Security Hole That Compromised 100 Million Accounts

Sites include . Published on May 1st, 2012. Written by Anthony West.

Security breaches are becoming more and more prevalent these days and the latest to suffer at the hands of hackers is DIY social network Ning. The platform which has over 90,000 networks going and over 100 million accounts suffered a major security breach by cookie-injection that left 100 million users accounts exposed.

What’s fascinating about the breach however, is that it was only after a few Dutch college students discovered the initial vulnerability and made a video about it that hackers decided to do a number on Ning’s servers. News of the breach was broken by a Dutch news station who stated that, “The problem is with Ning, a platform to create their own social networks. Everyone who registers gets a cookie in the browser provided. Students Angelo Geels and Alex Brouwer overtook then how they could change the content so that they are logged in as a different person to book stood.”

Ning hasn’t stood by idly though and according to a release from developers, all vulnerabilities have been fixed. The release thanked collaborators who helped identify the problem and highlighted Ning’s commitment to security and privacy for all the people who use it to build their own social networks.

100 million accounts is quite a lot and must have been quite a scare. It’s good that Ning has been able to quarantine and fix the problem.

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